#pixel_dailies – my first week

Pixel Dailies is a twitter account that posts a new theme every 24 hours, a great way to practice making quick pixel art.

“Come and pixel art with us. Themes tweeted daily! Tag with  and . Run by +. More info at

I have started taking part this week and so far enjoyed it, first day saw “Fire” as he keyword. I decided to make FlameBo, a World Industries character that appeared on skateboards.

“Horn” was the next theme, I considered a Rhino or Unicorn until a friend mentioned Adventure Time’s Rainicorn! My line art was not too bad but the colours I chose were just awful. I came across a nice Rainicorn on deviant art and used its colour palette:

“Orion Trail” a recent kickstarter project was next, its close to its goal and worth a look! I used art work from the project page as inspiration and added Moonman for a bit of fun:

I intend on doing as many as I can to improve my pixel skills and maybe add some animation to a few as well.

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