Ludum Dare 32 – very late write up

Been very busy lately and actually playing some games so this is a very late write up. So I took part in Ludum Dare 32 which was a great experience, many ups and downs but eventually had a playable demo at the end.

I am glad to have entered and submitted a game to LD, very pleased with my overall position of 152/2821 – I will be back and hope to improve after not giving this jam 100%.

write up by @Wraithkal

LD page:

Day One
I was well prepared for the jam, stayed up to find out the theme then went to sleep hoping to get up early and start developing. Living in the UK means the competition starts around the time most people would be fast asleep. Got out of bed 9am, sat down and started coming up with some ideas but soon felt put off by the theme (unconventional weapon), it was my wife who gave me the torch as a weapon idea so I ran with that.

Had been playing with a random dungeon generator recently and wanted to re-write and implement this into a game, took me a few hours to re-write the code. I then added a moving character, gave her a torch which rotates to point at the mouse cursor. Was going well at this point and felt pretty happy with progress, next I recorded some sounds and added in some basic enemies that didn’t move plus took advantage of Box2D to have a decent cone light:

Day Two
Day one had gone pretty well and the game was already shaping up quite well, I had a clear plan of features needed to complete so that I could submit to the Jam, this is where things went wrong! I just didn’t feel the game was worth continuing and it just didn’t feel fun (came #139 in fun category), I wasted most of the day watching T.V, later in the evening I thought I should at least try to get a prototype that could be submitted and got back to work:

Day Three
Monday came and I had a full day of work before I could get back to working on the game, I sat down in the evening with 5/6 hours to submit. Once you miss that 48 hour deadline you are then competing with groups of people which makes placing high much more of a challenge. I managed to implement levels and a basic upgrade system to add some feeling of an actual game, improved the mood of the game by tweaking the lights and sounds. Created another enemy type and some collectable HP and torch power, but this was the end of the compo and I had to submit the game with no boss fight which was disappointing.

Here is some gameplay from the game, I wont be making further changes to the game but learnt some valuable lessons over the 3 days, next time I will stick to the idea and work through any doubts.