Wales Games Development Show 2015

#WGDS15 A games exhibition set in the Welsh capital celebrates it fourth year and a great array of talented game designers/developers. Full details of the event available at the website:

I missed the previous event so made sure to book on early this time around, a developer I follow on twitter @xiotex was running a beginners Unity course so I signed up and really looked forward to attending. I have always developed games in Flash and Java, trying Unity a few times never got into it so this was a chance to revisit the framework and meet up with a great dev. You can check out Byron’s latest project here:


Byron’s Unity tutorial in full swing

I really enjoyed the Unity tutorial, I do find using a GUI odd being so used to plain text editors but it was fun, I plan on learning a little more and using the tool for a game jam in the near future.

After the tutorial session I was ready to check out some of the games on offer, before I entered the main hall had a quick look at some retro kit, the stall was run by Super Tomato who are situated in Cardiff. The guy on the stall was really helpful and gave some great advice as I am looking to buy a Mega Drive, will be stopping by their shop soon!


I then had a walk around the main hall to see what was on offer, there were some great games to check out, all the developers and artists were friendly and keen to show off their work, here are a few of the games I saw.

Theo and Lizzy
A game by Peter Harries and Ollie Elliott, really enjoyed this game which is a constant runner with only one button, you swap between floor and ceiling running to collect gems and find the exits. A cool feature of the game is the entrance remaining open so a few wrong clicks and you are back at the previous level! Not usually a fan of these games but this certainly has a new take on the genre, great visuals and music made this one of my favourite games of the day.


The old Gods are Dead

In this narrative driven PC game set in the Cuban Missile Crisis you play your way through multiple choice tests in an attempt to secure a place in a secure bunker. Played a 20 minute demo which was entertaining, in one scenario you were asked if you would have killed Hitler given the chance to time travel, each answer prompts the narrator to comment on your decision.

Check out the team behind the game on Twitter: National Insecurities


Friendship Club
A multi-player shoot um up by Force Habit, did not get a play of this but watched for a while and looked like loads of fun. With a maximum of 8 players there was much carnage as the fun looking characters dodged projectiles including there own as they bounced around the level. On dying there is a chance to spawn as the “finger of God” and squish your opponents.


“Solitude is a coop multiplayer survival game by RogueVec. Played from a first person view, you play as a crewman of a ship lost in space. How far will you go?”

This game looked great and sounded very interesting, you find yourself light years from home and on a mission to return. With lots of rogue elements no two journeys will be the same, work in co-op as a crew dealing with random encounters, abandoned ships and much more the game will actually ensure adventure and balance by helping out struggling players and challenging those on what appears to be a simple flight home.


Overall a great day, was great to see the game dev scene in Wales is on the up, £10 well spent for sure, will be back next year!