#Octobit Pixel Art – A month of pixels

I have been away from game development for a while, created the odd pixel art for the daily challenge but have had other work keeping me away. With said work about to finish I can finally get back to the hobbies I love, pixels and code!

To celebrate my return and to get back into the creative mood I am going to give #Octobit a go (31 days of pixels). I will try to throw in some simple LibGDX browser protypes along the way.

I have had a look back at some work I am most proud of:

Scuba – I made this in about 15 minutes, its one of my more viewed pieces due to being shared by 8BitPorn.
View on Twitter

When Ron Gilbert re-tweeted this think I smiled for a week!
View on Twitter

My first game attempt, part wrote my own Java server which cost me some money (AWS free is not free when you thrash the bandwidth) one day I will revisit this game but it will not be multiplayer.
View on Twitter

Ben Porter’s Moonman for Pixel Dailies – you should take a look at Ben on Twitter, look forward to playing this game!
View on Twitter

Was a big fan of Nucleur Throne and Vlambeer pixel art style
View on Twitter

Really loved the Lion King movie, starburst colours for pixel daily.
View on Twitter

Next project – Working on a simple browser game, a tiny island that grows as you progress. At the moment just an art concept and small amount of code.
View on Twitter

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