It is ok to fail #7DRL

After noticing some Twitter friends were taking part in a seven day rogue-like challenge I decided to give it a go, knowing that I would fail from the start. I have a 6 month old daughter who takes up all of my time but I do have the odd hour to dev at night… rather than sleep!

My idea was a simple rogue-like, as you play and level up a random island that you start on grows in size and spawns new items and resources.

I created a simple chunk manager which only held one chunk; an array of tiles. Each tile has a texture(s) and also a box2D collision box. I decided to use box2D to manage the collisions rather than roll my own solution.

Found a nice Tileset on Open Game Art and started replacing water and grass tile placeholders; made a good start at using all of the tileset:

Made a start adding random items to the map (trees) and notifying the objects of collisions via box2D collision listeners:

Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 00.34.48

Given I was only spending an hour or two each evening working on this I made some decent progress and made sure the code was clean and efficient, only actually managed 3/4 days out of the seven but am happy with what I got done and will work on this along side other prototypes.

I enjoyed starting a project from scratch and learning more about box2D collisions, there are some great tutorials available at iForce2D, worth checking out. There is no harm in starting something you know you will fail from the start given you learn by doing so.