Making a LibGDX Roguelike Survival Game Part 3 – Loading Media refactored #gamedev

LibGDX offers an asset manager that can help take care of loading and getting textures etc, feel free to take a look at this, the wiki page shows exactly how it is used. The main benefit is the asynchronous loading of assets and the ability to display a loading bar:

“Loading of most resources is done asynchronously, so you can display a reactive loading screen while things load”

Screen Shot 2017-08-02 at 15.43.37.png

[ Full source code for this tutorial ]

Our game has very few assets which are all very small in size, for now we can move the loading of Textures to a new class. In the main package we will add a new file, we will move all of the Textures defined in into this new class.

// class variables

public static Texture grass_01, grass_02, grass_03, grass_04;
public static Texture grass_left, grass_right;
public static Texture grass_left_upper_edge, grass_right_upper_edge;
public static Texture grass_top, grass_top_right, grass_top_left;
public static Texture water_01, water_02, water_03, water_04;
public static Texture cliff, water;

There is a static function in the Media class (load_assets) which will initialise all of our textures both are defined as static:

public static void load_assets(){
  grass_01 = new Texture("8x8/grass/grass_01.png");
  grass_02 = new Texture("8x8/grass/grass_02.png");

These images will not change and we only want to load them once, as they are so small there is no need to dispose of them mid game, we can call this method from are main in the Create() method and our images will be ready to use:


We can remove the old reference to loading images (also remove the function form this calss) so the public function now looks like this:

public Island(){

To fix all of the references to the textures that are no longer declared in this class we reference them via the Media class (not an instance of it):

tile.secondary_texture = Media.grass_top_right;

Once all of the references are updated the game should run as it did previously, going forward this will make the assets a little easier to manage as they will all be in one place.

This class will make it easy to add new textures and even switch between different tile sets without having to change the island, chunk or tile classes at all.


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