LibGDX Tutorial series update #gamedev


I have been working recently on a game called EvoScape and producing tutorials as I progress it.

After making what would start out as simple save / load functionality many commits and changes were made that would need explaining for part 12 to be useful. I feel there is too much code to explain and it wont be useful to those who read it.

There are many tutorial ideas I have but feel it would be easier for people to follow if I were to create smaller or new projects rather than adding to EvoScape.

I will look back at the project and blog about changes made to it but not rely on this for all of the tutorials I will continue to write.

I have squashed the latest commits for part 12 into one large commit: EvoScape latest branch

If you are interested in the code changes please take a look, I have changed the chunk system to now deal with a 9 chunks (3×3) each chunk consisting of 32×32 tiles. GSON is used to convert the entities and chunks into JSON which is compressed and stored in a text file. I had some issues loading the JSON directly back into classes so wrote a custom loader. I will blog on some of the ideas in this commit as individual blog posts and in separation from the game soon.

Thanks for following this tutorial series and I hope you call back to check out the next set of new posts.

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