Careless releases Android game

Download the game here:

After seeing all the Flappy Clones being published on the Play store I thought it would be fun to attempt a similar game, a few days after I started the #FlappyJam started so I had a deadline!

I quickly got the basic mechanics up and running, a score, randomly placed blockers and a character that moved up and down. Not totally convinced with the movement I put a trail in place which I thought looked neat and it made it into the final game.

To make this game stand apart from Flappy Bird I decided to add levels, each time you play your score adds to a total percentage and upon reaching that the next level is unlocked.

Then just to add another dimension to the game I added a bank, character selection and hearts (HP). All of your points go into your bank total, hearts allow you to get hit in game and the new characters get smaller so its easier to avoid the blockers.
Working on a smaller game has been a lot of fun, the level design was quite rewarding, the way in which its coded means you can just drop in a new folder with the correct graphics; change one variable number_of_levels and its instantly in game.
I will try to add a more detailed write up on actual code soon, please check out the game at: