A Careless 2018 in #Gamedev

I have not been the most active in 2018, I have created some content though, here is a look at some of the highlights:

Black Hole
I have been tinkering with index painting for a while and came up with a technique to paint and convert to pixel art, was a pretty slow progress but helped generate some interesting results. Really happy with how this turned out.

Black Hole Pixel Art

What started out as a small pixel daily turned into a these tiny islands with fishing huts:

Island & huts pixel art

Made a running calculator

I do quite a lot of running and often like to work out the pace I will need for personal bests and so on so wrote a pace, speed and time calulator. The webpace uses Javascript / JQuery and was quite fun to do.

Wrote a tutorial
After failing to complete the LibGDX series of tutorials to the extend I would have been happy with, revistied this simple island game and added in a weapon with Nuclear Throne style movement / rotation. I do plan on making some smaller tutorials in 2019.

Had a popular Tweet
Not an achievement but a message I have pinned to my Twitter profile as a reminder to stick to one project.

Joined in the Pixel Dailies draw yourself 40k follower celebration

More Pixel Art

I started working on a game a month challenge but it closed down! I would like to enter a LudumDare with a simple JavaScript game one day but not enough spare time this year.

So there we have it, 2018 I was a little lazy with regards to game development although I have progressed a new topdown car game which I will be posted about soon!